Georgia Milestones

During the Thursday, March 26 PTSA meeting, the staff provided those in attendance packets of information relating to Georgia Milestones, time-line for testing (4/15-4/22) and the importance of:

  • working with the students over the break
  • making sure students are present at school everyday 
  • well rested for the test (by getting a good night's sleep and eating breakfast)
  • send snacks for your son/daughter (school also accepting snack donations)

Here's a brief recap of the Georgia Milestones:

  1. It replaces the CRCT
  2. It provides a window into what our students know and truly understand
  3. Instead of answering traditional multiple choice questions; students are given different types of questions: multiple choice, constructed (meaning - they have to explain why or how they came up with the answer (showing the steps)).
  4. Grading is no longer right or wrong - the students will get points based on the rubric (rubric is the guide for the scorer of the test - it tells them how many points to give for specific areas.  It also tells what to focus on in the student's response) 
  5. 2015 the test will be given using paper and pencil
  6. 2016 the test is expected to be given over the computer

So how can you help your son or daughter prepare without stressing them out? 

  1. Get familiar with the test (yes - you have homework, too!) Check out the links below.
  2. Maintain conversation with their teachers
  3. Practice at home

Links and additional resources for Georgia Milestones:

Student Guides and Online Support (Simple to Understand for US - parents):

Important Updates

Support Bunche Chargers!

Check the school's calendar to stay up-to-date on all things BUNCHE!

At the meeting we were informed:

  • Track team will compete 3/27 @ 5:30 & 3/28 @ 10AM (Both competitions held at Lakewood Stadium)

  • Dance Team will hold concert at Therrell on May 8 (more details to come)

  • Support our very own Band Star during the annual DOGWOOD Festival on 4/11 at 11AM. Click here for more details about the 79th Dogwood Festival

  • Softball season is here! See Bunche calendar for details.

Super THANK YOU! to the Fine Arts Department.  Our students showcased some extreme or UBER talent during the 3/26 PTSA.  If you were not there - you missed:

  1. ​Wonderful Violin solo
  2. Angelic Chorus selections
  3. Awesome Dance Team performance
  4. Impromptu Jam session by the band

Thanks again and GO CHARGERS!!!


Tile Drive

On Thursday, March 26, Mr. Durr mentioned the Tile Drive for the NEW BUNCHE

Tiles can be purchased for $15 during the PTA meetings or Contact Mr. Madison Durr.

Additional details to follow, so please check back soon.