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Welcome to Ben Hill's best kept secret, Bunche Middle School!

Atlanta Board of Education Representative

Eshe' Collins

Bunche Administration


Mr. Mario Watkins

   Assistant Principal:

Ms. C. Blassingame

   Assistant Principal:

                       Dr. W. John

   Assistant Principal:

Dr. Michael Taylor​​

Our spectacular legacy 

Bunche MS is named in honor of Nobel Peace Prize awardee, Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche.

Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche was an American scientist, academic scholar, and diplomat who received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1950.  He was the first African-American to receive this prize.  He was also awarded the Medal of Freedom by President John F. Kennedy.  He founded the National Negro Congress in 1936.  Dr. Bunche graduated from the University of California in Los Angeles in 1927.  He was the Valedictorian of his class.  Dr. Bunche was an active and vocal supporter of the Civil Rights Movement.  He worked with the United Nations and was in the Office of Strategic Services during World War II.  He died on December 9, 1971 at the age of 68.  To learn more about the life of Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche, click here.

Bunche Middle School
Ralph Bunche Bunche Middle School (BMS) has educated Atlanta's Southwest youth since 1979.  The students and staff of BMS have received countless awards in excellence across all disciplines, honors and featured in several publications for providing exactly what the students need sometimes with "old-fashioned lessons" and at other times with "out-of-the-box" methods.  This flexibility has allowed Bunche to remain relevant with each changing generation of students.  BMS is the school envisioned by educators, career professionals and members of the Ben Hill Community.  

The first Bunche building opened its doors as an architectural master piece with cutting edge technology and a concern for the earth's atmosphere by way of conserving energy.  Bunche was Atlanta Public Schools' 1st solar powered school built!  The original building costs were a mere $5.5 million dollars.  The original BMS' yellow solar panels were iconic and welcomed as beautiful addition to Niskey Lake Rd.  The first Bunche was occupied from 1979 - 2013 (click here for article about the first Bunche building).

The New Bunche Middle School

The New Bunche MS will open its doors during the 2015-2016 school year.  Like the original Bunche, the new Bunche is an architectural master piece and designed with the next 50 years in mind!  Also similar to the original Bunche, it's administration and faculty have a genuine concern and passion for educating those willing to learn!  A new principal, Mr. Mario Watkins; a revitalized staff; increasing number of active parents; engaged board member, Eshe' Collins; and renewed commitments from community partners/businesses coupled with a new building...

BMS really is THE NEW BUNCHE! 

Bunche is home to many famous and not so famous Atlantians (see if you can identify some of the names in Dr. Bunche's picture below (click on the picture to enlarge).

2017-2018 Bunche PTSA 

Executive Board:


Randy Williams

       Vice President:

Lesley Phinazee

       Recording Secretary:

Lakeesha Harris


 Teresa Atkinson

       Correspondence Secretary:

Nytetia Wicker

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